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Dibex Ltd. (on the former Broom Factory manufacturing site). The main profile of Dibex is related to domestic and international freight forwarding (by its own cargo fleet) as well as building-material deposit operation.


By purchasing the industrial site, the owner wanted to be open for all industrial activities – which are not necessarily connected to the company's core activity. Onsite the former Broom Factory territory –  in terms of location it is a very advantageous one along the main road –  the buildings can be renovated and converted, thus the conversion can be easily harmonised with the investors potential needs.


The base and the frame is given for the possibility, it’s up to You to fill it with content!


Brown-field area’s name:


Classification of urban areas:


Total area:

Production facilities:

m2 price/for selling:

m2-price/for renting:


Quality systems:


Former Broom Factory manufacturing site

Put Narodnih Heroja 1., Kanjiza

Residential-Industrial zone

Dibex Ltd. (Company’s private property)

13000 m2  industrial area

currently 1200 m2 (additional buildings under renovation)

By agreement

By agreement


partial purchase and/or lease or joint investment both possible (with the owner)