S A L E S  &  I N V E S T

I N  S E R B I A

Under one roof – we present you the basis of three different, yet still belonging together companies


Dibex D.o.o. and Roadextrans Kft. are experts in transportation.


During the past years the trucks under Serbian registration that belong to Dibex became specialists in transportation within domestic relations, just as in neighbouring countries (with addition of Czech Republic and Slovakia…). The company’s fleet moves on the territory of the European Union freely, efficiently, and in the fastest possible way, while always keeping safety a top priority.


Diversity opens new perspectives and possibilities: to be and act like a team is the key of efficiency – both companies are managed by people working under the same roof, sharing the same table, working closely together. When we say under the same roof, we are not just promoting our homepage and interests with this catchy motto; the colleagues (those would be us) are a young and ambitious team. We are supervised and guided by the founding fathers who laid the foundations of these companies, and we are working hard to further improve in all possible aspects.


The Drvara-Dibex, that is the Dibex lumberyard, wants to be a decisive company in the region when it comes to construction materials and solid fuel. All this by utilizing the services of our transportation companies that can provide everything from bottom to roof at very low cost, making it possible to offer our products at excellent and competitive prices to our Dear Costumers. The required mechanization is already at our disposal.


Our bonus offer is a unique possibility for our partners who are willing and are able to invest.